Thursday, August 28, 2014

Baby in the HOUSE. I am no longer the JEWEL.

I am three years old now. Time fly by. Now adding the family with another new human member. Papa Mama no loner pay me full attention. SADDDDDDDD. But now I upgrade to baby bodyguard. But I am still not use to it. I will protect you baby.


Saturday, August 23, 2014


The saying of the fate of every era is the end of an era. Well, its kind of true. With Sir Alex no longer being the manager, united fall into a slump. With anticipation of new manager to bring united back to top look to be an uphill task for van gaal as well. From my point of  view, the hunger of success is no longer around united. Like a tiger without his tooth, there is no desire to go on. Losing confidence is ending the united era. Please regain your hunger, you need it to bounce back. We are united. 


现在每天体验同样的日子,终于明白他人所谓的“人-工作为了生存,因生活而工作。” 去工作赚钱,再把钱花光。 日日夜夜循环往复。 意义何在? 生活所需的一点点刺激却没发生。 无趣呀。 身边的朋友有些回去念博士因不想工作。看却像逃避现实。有意义吗? 无奈呀。 我需要点生活改变,调味料也好,改变无聊的生活。

Friday, March 12, 2010

In the Name of L**e

If i ever told u that there is no such thing as love in this world, u would have say i m cold hearten.....

i have seen enough tragedy and havoc in this world in the name of love... so u still think that life is full of love?....

Justification of love needed, when we are together, sweet n lovely, how could u have forgotten about all the moment we share together... why do u have to take it all away when u leave... Is it really hard just to leave one piece of evidence behind to show that we truly together at some moment in this life....

Please leave me a sweet memory to remember...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Presentation Week

Finally study week is coming. Last friday mark an end to the busy week of test 2 examination.

This week focus instead on project presentation. 4 presentation in 3 days direct. this semester is killing..

This week major hits song is timeless.

(feat. Justin Guarini)

Baby come close let me tell you this
In a whisper my heart says you know it too
Baby we both share a secret wish
And you feel my love reaching out to you

Don let it end (no)
Now that you are right here in my arms where you should stay
Hold tight baby
Don let it fade out of sight
Just let the moments sweep us both away
Lifting us to where
We both agree
It's just timeless love

I see it all baby in your eyes
When you look at me I know I feel it too (yes I do)
So let's sail away and be forever baby
Where the crystal ocean melts into the sky
We shouldn let the moment pass
Making me shiver let抯 make it last
Why should we lose it don抰 ever let me go

Baby its timeless
Oh baby its timeless

Don let it fade out of sight
Just let the moments sweep us both away
Lifting us to where
We both agree
It just timeless
It just timeless


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sibuk nak ikut orang....buka puasa....haha

Tarikh : 10 September 2009
Masa : 6.30pm
Tempat : river side restaurant
Aktiviti : Makan....

Haah, orang len pose, i pulak ikut gi mkan ni. yaya, x mungkin i pose tau...

................sbab i mmg suka makan......... haha tula jdi semakin ge*** ni. tau... kena diet...tpi.... iman x kuat.........makanan mengoda i, so mkan jugak, walaupun kt nak diet, kononnya...

ade la orang kata nak bertolak 6.15, janji dgn org len lah, tpi... ade la orang jugak yg makeup lama2 gila2, mcm nak gi majlis perkahwinan... utk ape?.... utk xleh ckp ni, nnt kena belasah... paham2 la nak wat pe ni..hehe.....sesiapa yg berkaitan jgn marah eh...... i x kata ape2 tau, jika terasa ape2, balik baca kad raya sekali lgi.... haha....

hehe, balik topik, so terlewat la, bertolak la pula 6.30.... (slpas kena gesa2).... smpi slmat juga kat riverside ni. kata riverside, tpi x nmpk river pun, lebih mc, parit la.... pe yg leh wat?? dah la duduk kat parit di segala raja tunggu lgi.... laki2 pula dtg lmbt...kt mmg janji kul 7, buka 7.12.... haha kena tipu lgi.... haiz... perkara biasa ni....

makanan pula hidang dulu,
ni telur dadar, mmg sedap rupa nya, wangi jugak.... x sabar2 nak mkan ni.... lpas tu....
makanan semua smpi la so tunggu masa utk mkan (mmg x pose tpi kena la tunggu org len ni ni respect tau haha). so makan la.

ni tgk , hbis, licin ni tau. tau la ade i mmg habis licin pun....

lpas tu kita pun bergmbr2 la... ni la hasilnya:

itu shj....

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